Supporting farmers of the local economy, our Peanuts and Cashews are purchased fresh from the Farms of farmers from the “bread basket”  parish of St. Elizabeth and the “cool hills” parish of Manchester. Our Legumes & Nuts are packaged in stand-up pouches for your every need and on the move ready to go healthy snack.

GreenLeaph Essentials spans a number of segments of the Agro-Industry Sector in Jamaica. The core feature of this business is to provide natural, healthy, happy and nutritious products to the niches of the Jamaica Market. GreenLeaph Essentials supports farmers for its raw materials needed to produce and supply its products, such as coconut water, peanuts, cashews, and sugarcane.

Coconut Water

GreenLeaph Essentials 100% Natural Coconut Water is your right choice. Our Coconut Water has been established as a refreshing, natural and pure brand, with no additives, no added sugar, no preservatives, and no added water.   

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Sugarcane Juice

Our Sugarcane juice, also known as liquor in rural Jamaica, is an essential source of energy and nutrients. It boasts alkaline properties that are great in treating acidity and stomach burns, while aiding digestion due to potassium, keeping the digestive system in check. 

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Freshly cut lemon grass that will be washed, dried, grinded and then tested by an accredited lab, will be introduced to beverage, culinary. nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufactures of tea products and any other byproducts of lemon grass, including lemon grass essential oil (fragrance), lemongrass flavoured water, lemongrass drink and lemongrass cosmetic beauty products. We also aim to satisfy the market with fresh and dried grass.

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Welcome! To a healthy, natural refreshing and rejuvenating lifestyle.

All natural and good for your health.