About Us

Value Statement

GreenLeaph Essentials will build its business culture based on: Service, Cleanliness, Honesty, Integrity, and Quality.

Our Vision

GreenLeaph Essentials aims to provide consumers with natural, safe, healthy and tasty snacks, juices & drinks, and cosmetics that will help the consumer maintain good health.

Our Mission

GreenLeaph Essentials will develop its production capacity to preserve the natural nutritional value and flavour of the foods processed and packaged, while meeting high bio-sanitary standards and packaging that retains the quality and freshness of the products.

The management team of GreenLeaph Essentials strives to have a well-trained and cohesive team that will gain job satisfaction and competitive advantages from producing quality products.

Transforming Adversity into opportunities and seizing those opportunities from humble beginnings. GreenLeaph Essentials was initially started in 2014 with two partners within their residence after one person who was employed at the time met in a serious motor vehicle accident. With each partner having and bringing their own unique and special contribution, the business started with the purchase, manufacturing and distribution of our uniquely packaged peanuts, almonds and cashews, which was sold to several retail outlets. In 2016 the business expanded its product offering to include bottled Coconut water over the years, subsequently Sugarcane juice. The management team of GreenLeaph Essentials took the business in 2018 through further improvements in order to become more structured, with production being relocated to a more accommodative space, accommodating improved production of juices and snacks being produced separately. Please do checkout out our Coming Soon our new and intense packages of Snack Chips- Plantain, Breadfruit, Sweet Potato, and Cassava Chips to be added later on.